academie: ALERT! Academie Requested for Walters Art Museum Re-opening

Miriam Robinson Gould madame_sosostris at
Thu Sep 6 01:57:33 PDT 2001

I have a question about this:

Will there be mandatory practices before the event?  I think it's very 
important to present ourselves professionally for something like that, but 
the con is could enough of the interested dancers make practices?  
Personally, I'd love to participate but doubt I could commit to driving up 
for both practices and events (*laugh* but I'm also not sure I could find 
good Italian garb either).

Also, in the spirit of saying things that go without saying but sometimes 
don't, make sure you don't forget to plan out the in-between patter.  You 
want someone who is good at public speaking to present the dances and 
possibly even have some shtick.

In service,


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