academie: ALERT! Academie Requested for Walters Art Museum Re-opening

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Tue Sep 4 09:48:28 PDT 2001

Okay, time for me to chime in, I suppose.  I think it sounds like a great idea...I have no particular plans for that weekend, and I authentic clothing ranging from 1450 (burgundian) to 1510 venetian.  If we are going to do dances appropriate to the ca. 1500 time period, our options are rather limited...We can do the one Gresley dance that actually has music and a decent recontstruction (Le Bien Dystonis---Gresley is a 1500 dance manuscipt from England for those who might be wondering, relatively recently discovered and opened to the academic public).  Other than that, I would say the 15th c. Italian would be the way to go...We have records of all those being danced until at least the turn of the century when a german guy wrote home to his sisters with the choreographies of the latest court dances from Italy.  English country dancing is right out, I think.  So, we should decide whether or not we want to all have garb from roughly the same time period (i.e.within 15 years).


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