academie: ALERT! Academie Requested for Walters Art Museum Re-opening

Ms. Catherine E. Dean deanc at
Mon Sep 3 05:53:14 PDT 2001

Sounds fun.  Unless I'm missing something in my schedule (which I may 
and settling in have made me loose with dates), I'm there.  I'll even make new 
garb if someone can suggest a style.  A few questions/comments/concerns, 

>troupe of dancers come demonstrate authentic Medieval dances as part of
>their festivities.

I assume that we have a contact, and it might be worth checking to make sure 
they know that there are no known authentic Medieval dances.  If they want to 
put us at 1450 or 1500 or 1600 fine, but if they put us earlier we'll look 

(Yes, I'll have to wear
>something other than a t-tunic. <grin>)

This of course begs the question of what to wear.  And how to get any and all 
volunteers into clothes that match the time period of the dances were going to 
be doing.  Makes the head spin.

>The large-scale reconfiguration of the Walters collection has been designed
>to make visitors feel as if they were walking through 5,000 years of history
>as they move through the galleries. Many of the galleries have been designed
>with a theatrical flavor, meant to offer visitors a sense of how these works
>of art would have been used and understood when they were created. The story
>begins on the second floor, when visitors enter the ancient world of Egypt
>through a temple gateway, and ends on the third floor, in a Knight's Hall as
>it might have been encountered in Europe around the year 1500."

This sounds really cool (the museum geek in me rears its ugly head).

>We're the "around the year 1500" bit.  :)
>I told my contact in Bright Hills that I would present it to the Academie
>and see what kind of reaction I could get.  Based on the historical time
>frame, my first reaction is "Italian Bassedanse".  Others may react
>differently (I *fully* expect Greg and Judith to chime in at this point.

And balli too, I hope! (I'm not a big lauro fan).

>ANYWAY!!!  This is a serious chance for us to do some serious good, not only
>for the Academie, but for the SCA, and help establish some wonderful
>contacts at the Walters.  Please look at your schedules, particularly those
>in the northern end of the Kingdom, and see whether you can "clear the
>decks" for this.  If there's support, I will see about getting a small
>ensemble to play for us, and will get more specific information from the

As I say, I'm in unless something crazy happens.  Just let me know.  Obviously 
have some ulterior motives--since I'm going into the museum field this could 
potentially be an important contact or even *gasp* resume material--but really 
any opportunity to improve the name of the SCA among people in the general 
public, *especially* intellectuals is not something I think we want to pass 

Who else is in--we'll need at least four!

(Who's starting to like it here in Atlan

Cathy Dean                           
SCA: Lady Katherine Mercer, Seneschal of the College of NoMountain                  
deanc at          
No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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