academie: ALERT! Academie Requested for Walters Art Museum Re-opening

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sun Sep 2 19:05:20 PDT 2001

Ladies and Gents, if I may have your kind attention please:

A request from the Walters Art Museum was forwarded to me this afternoon 
through a friend in Bright Hills.  The Museum (in Baltimore) is re-opening 
after renovations on October 20th, and they are quite interested in having a 
troupe of dancers come demonstrate authentic Medieval dances as part of 
their festivities.

Details are extremely sketchy, but here's what I do know:
- Two days (Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st)
- AUTHENTIC dances
- AUTHENTIC costumes
- AUTHENTIC music (live, if possible)

This is a serious request, and this is *not* a demo nor a recruitment 
thingy.  What we have here is a nationally-known Art Museum coming to the 
Academie to help show the Mundanes what Medieval dances looked like.  We 
would be representing ourselves, the Academie, the SCA, *AND* the Walters, 
so it is very important that we do this right.  (Yes, I'll have to wear 
something other than a t-tunic. <grin>)

There's little info available on the Museum's website (, 
but I do know that the exhibit's title is: "Wondrous Journeys: The Walters 
Collection from Egyptian Tombs to Medieval Castles"  here's a blurb from 
their site:

"Wondrous Journeys, a new installation of the permanent collection, traces 
the path of artistic achievement in the West from pre-dynastic Egypt to the 
early Renaissance through nearly 2,000 works of art. The installation will 
assemble works in surprising new ways, and display many objects that have 
never before been shown.

The large-scale reconfiguration of the Walters collection has been designed 
to make visitors feel as if they were walking through 5,000 years of history 
as they move through the galleries. Many of the galleries have been designed 
with a theatrical flavor, meant to offer visitors a sense of how these works 
of art would have been used and understood when they were created. The story 
begins on the second floor, when visitors enter the ancient world of Egypt 
through a temple gateway, and ends on the third floor, in a Knight's Hall as 
it might have been encountered in Europe around the year 1500."

We're the "around the year 1500" bit.  :)

I told my contact in Bright Hills that I would present it to the Academie 
and see what kind of reaction I could get.  Based on the historical time 
frame, my first reaction is "Italian Bassedanse".  Others may react 
differently (I *fully* expect Greg and Judith to chime in at this point. 

ANYWAY!!!  This is a serious chance for us to do some serious good, not only 
for the Academie, but for the SCA, and help establish some wonderful 
contacts at the Walters.  Please look at your schedules, particularly those 
in the northern end of the Kingdom, and see whether you can "clear the 
decks" for this.  If there's support, I will see about getting a small 
ensemble to play for us, and will get more specific information from the 

We have 55 days and counting.


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