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(Re: Octoberversity)
- It's in Boone, NC (that's in the western bit)
- ...our own Elize is Autocratting (we're everywhere!)

Lord have mercy on my soul!

- ...reservations for on-board crash space are being taken NOW (off-board 
crash space can also be had, but it's a tad pricey unless you've got 
Powerball money, like me )

To Clarify:

Cabin crash space is $10 per person per night; bring an electric heat source.  (Judith, you're covered per our earlier conversation.)

Hotels in the area are much more expensive.  Our best deal was $84/night at the High Country Inn, tell them you're with the SCA, 800/334-5605.  Or contact the High Country Host at 800/438-7500.  Or check our webpage at

FOOD: For dinner/supper/whatever you call the evening meal - members of the Dance are INVITED OVER TO MY HOUSE to eat after university closes.  It may be something really simple like spaghetti, but knowing my mom, she'll go overboard.  My request - if you think you'd like to come, let me know ahead of time, and tell me if you are bringing guests, so we can know how many to cook for.

Lunch: The menu isn't set yet, but we will provide lunch for $4/person.  Graciela assures me that folks will be well fed, so as to be incredibly sleepy in those post-lunch classes.

Court: If you have a banner with your heraldry, or your group heraldry, please feel free to bring it to decorate the court walls.

Can't think of anything else, so I'll now return you to your regularly-scheduled life.


Argent, a pale purpure cotised vert between two sprigs of lavender proper.

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless."

- Thomas Alva Edison
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