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Thu Aug 30 18:04:32 PDT 2001

Pennsic is done, Coronation is iminent, and nobody really cares about 
Kingdom Crusades anyway (grin), so our focus turns next to University.

Here's the executive summary:

- It's in Boone, NC (that's in the western bit)
- ...our own Elize is Autocratting (we're everywhere!)
- ...reservations for on-board crash space are being taken NOW  (off-board 
crash space can also be had, but it's a tad pricey unless you've got 
Powerball money, like me <g>)
- ...and we're teaching more classes than ever before! (list below)

Boone is relatively centrally-located, but for a Kingdom which is tall and 
skinny, that still means there will be people travelling great distances to 
be there.  Carpooling is recommended, and it'll give you someone to talk to 
when the rain forces you off the road.  :)

Our classes are listed in this month's =Acorn= and are online at  Here's a summary:

107 Medieval Peasant Dances (Judith de Northumbria) - This class is geared 
towards those who just like to dance. No complicated choreographies to 
remember, no rules, just lots of fun. Come and try something new! Beginners 

108 How to Teach Dance (Gregory Blount) - Teaching dance successfully 
consists of more than merely showing people the steps and playing the music. 
Learn how to teach people how to dance, how to interpret steps and break 
them down for the choreographically impaired, and to put them back together 
again in a dance sequence, and how to let the music tell you what to do.

(Note: With two classes the first hour, some folks may find it difficult to 
know which one they'd benefit more from.  My recommendation is that folks 
who are (or who want to be) instructors are encouraged to take Greg's class. 
  Judith's class will be well-attended, since the two tend to draw from 
different audiences anyway.)

207 Beginning 15th C. Italian Dance (Etain ingen Thadgain) - Students will 
be introduced to several steps unique to Italian dance, and will learn 
dances such as Gelosia, Amoroso and that crowd-favorite Petit Vriens, among 
others. Beginners welcome. Class is a recommended prerequisite for the 
Intermediate 15th C. Italian dance class.

307 Intermediate 15th C. Italian Dance (Judith de Northumbria and Edvard 
Gayer) - So you know the basics, you like flirting and showing off, but you 
want a new way to do it. This is the class for you. Dances to include: Rosti 
Boli Gioioso, Anello, Leoncello, Colonesse, Marchesana, and Lauro.  [Yeah, 
come watch Judith use me as a "dancing dummy" as she shows off her moves.]

407 The Old Measures: Dances from the Inns of Court (Elize de Nizza) - Learn 
dances from London's Inns of Court, from the simple Quadran Pavan to the 
cuddly Madam Sosilia Alman. Other dances will include the Old Alman and the 
Black Alman, time permitting. Class will begin with a brief description of 
the place of these dances in Elizabethan society. Beginners welcome.

507 Introduction to Galliards (Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya) - 
Galliard, gagliarda, cinque-pace, call it what you will, either way this 
step is the perfect show-off piece. This class will teach the basic 5-step 
galliard as well as period variations to spice up your galliarding 
technique. Beginners Welcome.

607 Underperformed English Country Dances (Rowen ferch Rhys) - There are 
over 100 dances in Playford's first edition, yet we tend to only dance the 
same 20-30 over and over again! In this class, we'll explore some of the 
underperformed dances from Playford's tome. Time permitting, dances may 
include Old Mole, Night Peece, Shepheards Holyday, Lulle Me Beyond Thee and 
Nonesuch. Previous English Country Dance experience commended.  [Interesting 
typo, that last word should be RECOMMENDED.  Maybe they're expecting Rowen 
to congratulate people who have ECD experience? <grin>]

That's all.  Any questions?


Thought for the day: "The key to credibility is sincerity... once you can 
fake that you've got it made!"

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