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Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Aug 28 15:07:10 PDT 2001

>> We aren't a Guild, we're an Academie. And of course, the greatest
>> concentration of Academie members is in a Shire ;) ;)

Woohoo!  Go Isenfir! :)

>> As for subchapters, no, we haven't discussed it yet, but we certainly
>> can. What would they do? How would they encourage greater 
>> participation?

I actually think it's a good idea, at least one worthy of some exploration.  The
Academie is a great structure for organizing dancers and musicians within the
Kingdom, but the real, true meat of dance education happens at the local level.
Say what you will, nobody becomes a great dancer learning only at events.  Local
activities are essential, and local groups can certainly want to have a "dance
identity".  I know a bunch of Isenfiri already consider themselves their own
little group, so in an informal sense we've already developed a subgroup, but
one that still has strong interest and participation in the Academie.  Likewise,
I know that Black Diamond, under the noble watch of Lady Margaret, has its own
little dance identity going.  I'm sure other groups are likewise.

Developing formal groups at the local level can potentially give local folks
more of a sense of participating in something grander, and feeling more
involved.  It would in a sense empower the folks in charge at the lower levels
to reach out to their fellow group members and pull them into something that is
more tangible (being a local group rather than an ephemeral "outside" group),
whilst then also bringing them into the larger fold of the Academie and it's
goals.  It would also give more people positions of "authority", which for many
folks is an empowerment tool to make them more active and involved.  The down
side is that some people could get abusive of that if given too much "power",
but if they do we just kill them. :)

All in all, I think it's a fine idea.  Could even foster some friendly
competition. :)  Now, what would a subgroup of an Academie be?  A college?  A
school?  Would it have a principal in charge?  Thoughts?

Isenfir Dance Ringleader

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