academie: Dancing before War College

Jeanette Gugler jgugler at
Mon Aug 27 16:38:26 PDT 2001

Anyone planning on coming down to War College this weekend in Buckston-on-Eno is welcome to join us in a dance revel we are holding Friday night on the War College site (Optimist Farm, Apex NC).  Not really a part of the event, this is planned as a chance for people in the barony to get together to just dance, with some basic teaching before each set, as needed.
We had a time, a place, an opportunity - we grabbed and hopefully will dance!  This is actually being held just BEFORE the event, as we have a baronial business meeting earlier that evening.  Dancing will probably begin about 8:30pm and we will have some light refreshments.

Theodora von Schmetterlingswald
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