academie: Academie Turns Fifty!

Ms. Catherine E. Dean deanc at
Wed Aug 22 11:11:29 PDT 2001

>For those keeping score, Isenfir still leads with 10 members, but
>Windmaster's Hill is closing the gap with 7.  Also, news is that Ponte Alto
>may soon be getting its' first Academie member!  Yaay!  :)

In response to this, I think I'll finally delurk and introduce myself.  I'm 
mysterious potential Academie member living in Ponte Alto (specifically, 
Arlington), although I have a feeling I may play more with Storvik since I'll 
be attending GWU and hopefully working downtown.  We'll see...

My name is Lady Katherine Mercer, and I've moved to the area from the 
College of NoMountain in Calontir (where I served as seneschal and 
dance mistress for the past two years) via a brief stint in the Barony of 
Cynnabar, Midrealm.

Currently my main interest 16th century Italian dances (this is the 
Cynnabar influence showing itself), but I really also enjoy dancing and 
teaching 15th c. Italian, ECD (there's the Calontiri in me), etc. and I'm 
hoping to get a chance to learn more Burgundian Basse and Branles 
while I'm in Atlantia.

Outside the SCA, I'm a Museum Studies Graduate Student at the George 
Washington University in DC, and if anyone things that there would be 
interest, I've been toying with the idea of trying to get space here for a 
central DC dance practice (any thoughts? advice?).

I look forward to meeting you all soon,

Cathy Dean                           
SCA: Lady Katherine Mercer, Seneschal of the College of NoMountain                  
deanc at          
No one who had met Catherine would have supposed her to have been born a heroine --JA

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