Website (was RE: academie: looking for music)

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Aug 14 07:56:39 PDT 2001

>> Hmm, if we get a website for the academie, 

Ahem... there is already a website for the Academie, officially at:

which simply points you to it's current home at:

Come Fall, with our new heraldry and stuff, the site is due for a makeover.  To
that end...

>> maybe there could be a kingdom map, showing where people are located.
>> Well, a kingdom map, along with a listing of members by group.

We'll take it under advisement.  There will definitely be some changes regarding
the membership information and distribution.  If anyone else has suggestions or
ideas, please feel free to offer them up.  If there's stuff you'd like to see on
the site, lemme know!

Academie Web Minister :)

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