academie: looking for music

Mon Aug 13 20:42:46 PDT 2001

Are you on the western side of the Kingdom?  Hmm, if we get a website for the academie, maybe there could be a kingdom map, showing where people are located.  Well, a kingdom map, along with a listing of members by group.

I get to wear the device.  COOL!  Now I gotta get something made up to wear.

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  Hmmm...I'm probably not gonna be much help as I'm on the opposite side of the Kingdom...but it sounds like you have a good offer!  

  As to the device, Greg's words were to go for it, use it anytime, anywhere, in whatever creative form you choose. 


    MICHAEL S LYONS <CORILLA at> wrote: 

    Rebecca, Elize, Dryw,

    Thanks for the assistance. I live in Suffolk, VA, the easternmost part
    of Berley Cort. Any of ya'll live near me? The camp is the week of August
    20th - 24th. Yep, it's close. I've been having an advanced case of the
    summer doldrums, plus the effects of being able to enjoy life again.

    Then there's the whole thing of me trying to teach dances to a group of 6 -
    12 year olds. This will be my first time trying to teach dances. At least
    they will be the simpler ones. Hmm, do I get to wear the device?

    Michael Lyons
    John of Ravenswood

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  "Have a place for everything and keep the thing somewhere else. This is not advice, it is merely custom." - Mark Twain
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