academie: looking for music

Sun Aug 12 19:15:53 PDT 2001

Rebecca, Elize, Dryw,

Thanks for the assistance.  I live in Suffolk, VA, the easternmost part
of Berley Cort.  Any of ya'll live near me?  The camp is the week of August
20th - 24th.  Yep, it's close.  I've been having an advanced case of the
summer doldrums, plus the effects of being able to enjoy life again.

Then there's the whole thing of me trying to teach dances to a group of 6 -
12 year olds.  This will be my first time trying to teach dances.  At least
they will be the simpler ones.  Hmm, do I get to wear the device?

Michael Lyons
John of Ravenswood

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