academie: Musical Instrument Sale... time sensitive..

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Thu Aug 9 05:39:07 PDT 2001

Since some folks here might be interested...
(I just sent this out to a number of musicians in the kingdom... apologies
if you get this a second time...)



I just ran across this stuff on EBay. He's got THREE (3) Sacbutts made my
Alexander (a GREAT maker of Tubas!) and a "Recorder 'family'" Which has
1 Aulos Bass, 1 Aulos Tenor, 1 Aulos Alto, 1 Aulos Soprano, 2 'Renaissance'
sopranos, and 1 Dolmetsch Tenor (All with cases and the current bid for 
the 'Family' is 132.50.... 

If I had the cash, I'd just show them off at the next event. But, since I don't,
I thought I'd let the word out. The auctions end soon, unfortunately, but it
looks like a few don't have bids yet.

this link should get you to the page with all his stuff:

If this link doesn't work (I typed it in) go to ebay and search for sackbut
for the brass and the recorder family is item# 1452460485

I don't know this guy and I haven't seen the instruments so, I can't vouch 
for their condition. I can, however, point you to the web sites for sackbutt
importers and show you how much it costs to get one these days. 
(It's between $1300 and $7000 last I checked) So, these are a deal if they're
in good condition.

In Service,


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