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Thu Jul 19 14:44:41 PDT 2001


I'm in total agreement with your message.  And it's good to know I'm not the
only diabetic here.  (that's why I was so thin before)  Oh, I'm learning to
fence too, and plan to try rapier eventually.

Not just having a long enough dinner break, but there should be some time
between classes too.  I know I couldn't go thru 6 straight hours of classes
again.  There seemed to be a number of people who were worn out by the last
class of the day (at the last Symposium).

John of Ravenswood
(and no longer the Gaunt)

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> with a comment about the diner hour.. what ever we decided keep in mind
> dance is and atheltic activity, and people need to eat. I have to yell at
> fencers to talk a lunch break I don't want to start yelling at dancers to
> take a diner break. what ever is alloted for dinner... leave enough time
> that people do not feel that skipping is the better option than eating
> becuase they don't want to miss  this class or that class. this is just a
> health reminder form the friendly neighborhood diabeteic who gets wrapped
> in things and forgets to take care of her self
> Marion

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