academie: Winter Symposium

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Wed Jul 18 14:14:45 PDT 2001

<<The site is free, provided we're done and gone by 9:30 pm.  After that, 
$30 per hour per room.>>

Personally, and this is coming from a poor, starving student :), I woudl 
rather pay the money for the rooms to use them past 9:30...Having a ball that 
is only two horus long after an entire day of classes seems awfully skimpy, 
especially for people who might be driving long distances to get in their 
dance fix.  If you divide the cost of using that one room past 9:30, say 
until 12:30, for three hours, amongst the number of people who woudl probably 
attend, the site cost would still be really reasonable....


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