academie: Winter Symposium

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jul 18 14:08:05 PDT 2001

The Winter Dance Symposium will tentatively occur on 2/9/01, and will be at 
the Southern Community Center in Lusby, MD (zip=20657).  The site will open 
at 11am, classes will tentatively begin at 12:30, the Ball will be at 7 and 
will run at least 2 hours.

The site is free, provided we're done and gone by 9:30 pm.  After that, it's 
$30 per hour per room.

The site has three large, interconnected rooms which are divided by 
partitions.  The first room is 30x35, and has a full-sized stage.  The 
second is approx 20x35, and the third is approx 40x35.  All three can be 
combined into one large 90x35 hall by removing the partitions.  We will use 
the first two for classes during the day, and will combine them for the Ball 
that evening.  If we have enough instructors, we can use the third big room.

The site also has two smaller rooms, both of which are ideally suited for 
lectures.  I'm planning on setting aside the larger of the two (holds 30-40) 
for use as a schmoozing area, and to hold our dessert and beverage board 
during the Ball.  The other room holds maybe a dozen people, which we can 
use either for a very small class, or for displays.

The flooring, alas, is neither wood nor carpet.  It's the stuff you usually 
find on classroom floors... whatever that is.  (Flooring tile on concrete?  
You're guess is as good as mine).  We use the site for our indoor fight 
practices, if that helps any.

There are several restaurants within 5-10 minutes of the site.  I haven't 
planned things out in sufficient detail yet to know whether we will try to 
do something on-site food-wise, or just tell people to fend for themselves.  
Also, we don't yet know whether we will charge a site fee or not.  I expect 
we'll probably ask for either donations or some mimimal standard amount (no 
more than $5) to cover incedental costs.  We could split the money with Dun 
Carraig and use it to fund some of the Acaemie's future not-quite-free 
projects (like getting Dance CDs or manuals out).  But that's an entirely 
different topic, one that we're not yet ready to tackle.  :)

BTW: For planning purposes, note that I'm calling this "Atlantian Dance 
Symposium III".  Victoria, that would make yours "II".  :)

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