academie: Quarterly Report Inputs

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Jul 17 10:09:05 PDT 2001


I am in the process of pulling together a list of activities that the 
Academie has been involved with over the past 3 months (April thru June) as 
inputs to our quarterly report.  [There will actually be TWO reports... one 
to recap the highlights of what the Academie has accomplished during our 
first year, and one to provide detailed information about the past 3 

Though I *do* know a lot of what we've been doing, the only way to ensure 
that we capture as many of our activities as possible is to ask y'all to 
drop me a note, letting me know what you've been up to.  I already have a 
complete list of our membership and our University and Symposia activities.  
What I'd like to know is about the *other* stuff.  Some of those areas might 

- Local Practices.  Does your group hold regular dance practices?  
Where/when?  Who runs it?  (If your group *used* to have a practice, what 
happened to it?)
- Dancing at Events.  Have you been involved in coordinating or leading 
dancing at an event?
- Other Dancing.  Same as above, only for things like demos, post-revels, 
and the like.
- Musician Activities.  Have you been involved in coordinating or performing 
for dance practices or event dancing?  What about regularly-scheduled 
- Research.  Have you done any dance research, composed a new dance, had 
anything published, or taken classes at events such as KWDS, Pennsic, 
University, or a Symposium?
- Travel.  Have you had a chance to travel around Atlantia or to other lands 
in connection with your dance-related activities?  Where did you go, what 
did you do?

There are other categories, these are just a few off the top of my head.  If 
you think of a category that everybody else might benefit from knowing, 
please feel free to pass the word.  :)

I do *not* want to turn this into a recurring paperwork exercize for 
y'all... the Academie is about dancing, dance research, and dance education, 
NOT about writing reports back-and-forth to each other.  But to do this 
right the first time, I *do* need to ping the membership for what we've been 
doing.  Later, all I ask is that you drop me an occasional note when you've 
done something that you feel might be worthy of mentioning in our report.

Please don't be shy.  This is an opportunity to shine, both individually and 
collectively.  This is also a chance to let others outside of the Academie 
know just how MUCH we've been doing.  Ours is the largest and 
fastest-growing guild in Atlantia, and from what I've heard, ours is also by 
far the most active.  And I need your help so that we can preserve a record 
of the good work you've been doing.  Remember, we can't brag about it if we 
don't know about it.  :P

I would like to have the report ready to go by the end of the month, so if 
you could get something back to me within a week or so, let's say by 
Wednesday, July 25th, I would greatly appreciate it.

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