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A couple of things:

1 - Yes, the Armoury has a decent-sized room we can dance in.  We've used it 
before with success.

2 - That notwithstanding, it would be nice if we could have a Fall Symposium 
somewhere south of I-64.  (The Black Diamond-Isenfir-Caer 
Mear-Tir-y-Don-Marinus Expressway)  :)

3 - For a February Symposium, though hosting it at the Armoury is a viable 
option, Dun Carraig already has a site.  (I'd offer up the details, but that 
would be putting the cart before the horse... read on.)

4 - That notwithstanding, we need to hear from our buds in Isenfir to ensure 
that having a February Symposium anywhere but Isenfir won't torpedo any 
plans that they might already be making.  (Remember, Isenfir has their 
annual "Nothing But Dance" event in that time frame, and combined it last 
year with the Symposium.)

May I suggest we discuss the feasibility of having multiple, rotating 
Symposia first?  Then, if it is workable and something we all think is a 
good idea, we can turn our energies toward finding sites.


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Stefan sent this to me...My question is as to whether the armoury has a hall
in which we can have a ball after the classes....

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