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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Jul 12 08:56:45 PDT 2001

Scriptsit Judith:
>So, any takers on hosting a fall dance symposium?  I would do it myself, 
>but being a border person, I have no local group to sponsor it....

Funny you should mention that.  The topic of a Winter symposium was 
discussed last night at Dun Carraig's business meeting.  Looks like DC is 
looking to submit a bid for February's University, and the notion of hosting 
a February Dance Symposium on the following weekend (2/9/02) is attactive.  
We've already got a very strong lead on a free site.

This brings up a topic that we probably need to discuss.  The Symposium held 
in Isenfir last February was great, and we should/will do that again.  
Arguably, Isenfir is the most active group dance-wise in the Kingdom, which 
is both a plus and a minus.  On the plus side, a Symposium in Isenfir will 
be successful, since practically everybody there (it seems) dances.  On the 
minus side, having it in the same location does not help bring dancing to 
the rest of the non-Isenfiri Kingdom.

When we schedule a track of classes at University, we tend to draw from the 
same core classes.  We need to do this, because we only have 6 hours to 
teach in, and we will *always* have new people attending those classes.  
Thus, we will always be teaching the same intro-level material at 
University, with an occasional lecture or Intermediate class thrown in.  
It's not the type of environment that is suited for teaching or learning 
more advanced topics.  Via the Symposia, we can teach to more depth on a 
variety of different topics, and the cross-training opportunities it 
presents to members of the Academie are really without compare.  The way I 
see it, the only way to really improve upon the Kingdom's overall dance 
proficiency is via our Symposia, but only if the Symposia are taken to where 
the people are.

I have a proposal.

Why not do what University does and rotate the Symposium through different 
parts of the Kingdom?  We've hinted at this before, but maybe it's time to 
come right out and discuss it openly.  We could do 2-3 a year, making sure 
to rotate through Isenfir regularly, but also moving it around to try to 
capture interest in other groups.  If we move the Symposia around, we can 
offer that depth to many more people, but we would want to ensure that we 
came back to Isenfir on a right regular basis, since that's where our 
largest core is.

We might have a Symposium in November somewhere in the Carolinas, then one 
in February in the northern end (Dun Carraig?), then back to Isenfir in 
(maybe) April.  Rinse, repeat.

I would *not* want this to adversely impact Isenfir, and I know that whether 
or not they host a "formal" Symposium in February probably shouldn't hinder 
their plans for their next "Nothing But Dance" event.  Bryan, what do you 

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