academie: University post-revel

L Shuskey elizedenizza at
Wed Jul 11 09:32:41 PDT 2001

We now have a confirmed site for the post-revel for
October University.  The site is the feast hall (aka
dining hall) at the camp we use for our big fall
event, which we will have held two weeks prior.  The
building is NOT heated, and it has been known to
freeze/snow up here that early, so a cloak and layered
garb are suggested.  There is a fireplace, but it
doesn't produce a lot of heat.

Speaking of which, who's leading the dancing?

The other nice thing about the site is that we have
reserved the four more winter-proof cabins, which can
accomodate a total of about 100 people, at
$8/night/person.  Again, they are not heated, but we
have permission to bring in all the electric
heaters/electric blankets that we can plug in before
the breakers give.  If you want one (or more) of the
beds, please let me know so I can get you on the list.

For those who want heated facilities and don't mind
paying a bit more, we have arranged for a block of
rooms at a *very* reduced rate of $84/night (up to 4
people) at the High Country Inn, 800-334-5605.

One thing you need to know - October is prime tourist
season up here, as the leaves will be approaching peak
color.  That weekend is also a home game for ASU, and
*may* be homecoming, and is a fencing tournament. 
That means the hotel rates are at the highest of the
year, and reservations need to be made well in
advance, esp. if you want to stay at the hotel.  If
you wait until the last minute, there may be no room
left.  Just something to keep in mind...


"Try not to have a good time.  This is supposed to be educational."   - Charles Schultz (Peanuts cartoonist)

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