academie: The definitive membership list (for now)

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jul 11 09:14:48 PDT 2001


I've reconsiled the membership roster (yaay!).  Here's a listing of all of 
the current members of the Academie (including today's new member, Niobe the 
Forsaken from Baelfire Dunn).

Just for fun, the listing is arranged geographically.  I am fairly certain 
that this will prompt someone from Isenfir to publically gloat about their 
swelling numbers, but what can you do?  :)


-----Academie Membership Roster as of 7/11/01-----

- Edvard Gayer (Dun Carraig) scavard at
- Gwenllian ferch Gruffyd (Dun Carraig) tlkitty at
- Allasan inghean Faolan (Lochmere) jedierika at
- Etain ingen Thadgain (Lochmere) scaetain at
- Rebecca D'Aragonna (Lochmere) rlightning at
- Braenden y Mad (Spiaggia Levantina) MurielCBegonia at
- Alyson of Islay (Storvik) appin1 at
- Stefan of Cambion (Storvik) lanhamlaw at

- John of Ravenswood (Berley Court) corilla at
- Evelynne Merrymet (Black Diamond) ritajane at
- Margaret Obrolchan (Black Diamond) olorin at
- Bryan Morgan (Isenfir) dmo at
- Cairistiona inghean Dhubhghaill (Isenfir) moondans at
- Deborah McArgh (Isenfir) jebbydo at
- Dolce dei Brachhi (Isenfir) sallykuntz at
- Genii of Isenfir (Isenfir) timandgenii at
- Gregory Blount (Isenfir) lindahl at
- Joshua of the Dancing Blades (Isenfir) EmrldMyst at
- Landi Harraldson (Isenfir) hlf at
- Phoebe of Isenfir (Isenfir) timandgenii at
- Rhuadan mhic Doughaill (Isenfir) danceecstacy at
- Elspeth of Harilow (Marinus) elspethharilow at
- Rowen ferch Rhys (Stierbach/Sudentur) rowenrhys at
- Constanza de Tallavera (Stierbach) sharon at

- Elize de Nizza (Crannog Mor) elizedenizza at
- Moira of Gutherie (Crannog Mor) moira1 at
- Marion le Red (Sacred Stone/Aire Falcone) marionred at
- Niobe the Forsaken (Sacred Stone/Baelfire Dunn) rlbradwell at
- Dryw MacMorcat (Sacred Stone/Charlesbury Crossing) afreed at
- Gwendolyn Tremayne (Windmaster's Hill/Atilluim) teddybear667 at
- Corwyn Sinister (Windmaster's Hill/Buckston-on-Eno) ricks at
- James of Middle Aston (Windmaster's Hill/Buckston-on-Eno) 
james at
- Martine deRomilly (Windmaster's Hill/Elvegast) deromilly at
- Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya (Windmaster's Hill/Kappellenberg) 
(madame_sosostris at
- Ursula von Bremen (Windmaster's Hill/Kappellenberg) ThatUrsula at

- Bran Trefonnen (Hidden Mountain/Tear's Sea Shore) SWMyers at
- Julianna Fiorentini (Hidden Mountain) mack2357 at
- Alwyn Feather the Foolish (Nottinghill Coill/Cyddlain Downs) 
rampantdragon at
- Victoria Pringle (Nottinghill Coill/Falcon Cree) KilrRabbit at
- Joseph of Nottinghill Coill (Nottinghill Coill) jtolbert at
- Marguerite of Nottinghill Coill (Nottinghill Coill) rlong871 at

- Eibhlin nic'Raghailligh (Crosston (West)) kmadsen at
- Judith de Northumbria (Bakhail (East)) judithsca at
- Galeran Chanterel (Grey Gargoyles (Middle)) bsidlaus at
- Catalana di Neri (Würm Wald (Middle)) elneely at
- Keilyn FitzWarin (Thamesreach (Drachenwald)) (bmorris at

Total: 46 Members
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