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Below is a list of classes that L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse will be 
happy to offer for the October University session.  Instructor contact 
information (name, email, and phone) can be found at the bottom of this 

This time 'round, we will be offering a full 6-class track of dance 
practicum courses, which means that you can just give us a room and we can 
take it from there.  Since dancing requires a fair amount of space, we would 
greatly appreciate it if you could provide us the largest classroom that you 
have available.  We will have Academie members on site early to help clear 
the room of any tables and chairs, and will ensure that they get put back in 
place following our final class.

After consultation with the instructors, we have come up with the order of 
classes which works best for us.  If there is some reason why these classes 
cannot be scheduled in this particular order, please contact me immediately 
and we will accomodate you as required.

Besides the 6-class practicum track, we have one lecture class on Teaching 
Dance.  Time-wise, we ask that the lecture class be scheduled during first 
hour against the Medieval Peasant Dance class, since the Academie believes 
that these two classes are the least likely to be in competition for the 
same students.  Room-wise, the lecture can be in any classroom at all (other 
than the one for the dance practicum track, obviously.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I am 
at your disposal.

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

-----Course Listings Follow-----

1st Hour: Medieval Peasant Dances (Judith)
1st Hour: How to Teach Dance (Gregory)
2nd Hour: Beginning Italian (Etain)
3rd Hour: Intermediate Italian (Judith & Vard)
4th Hour: Old Measures (Elize)
5th Hour: Galliards (Tahira)
6th Hour: Underperformed ECD (Rowen)


1xx - Medieval Peasant Dances (Judith de Northumbria) -- This class is 
geared towards those who just like to dance.  No complicated choreographies 
to remember, no rules, just lots of fun.  Come and try something new!  
Beginners welcome.

1xx - How to Teach Dance (Gregory Blount) -- Teaching dance successfully 
consists of more than merely showing people the steps and playing the music. 
Learn how to teach people how to dance, how to interpret steps and break 
them down for the choreographically impaired, and to put them back together 
again in a dance sequence, and how to let the music tell you what to do.

2xx - Beginning 15th Cy Italian Dance (Etain ingen Thadgain) -- Students 
will be introduced to several steps unique to Italian dance, and will learn 
dances such as Gelosia, Amoroso and that crowd-favorite Petit Vriens, among 
others.  Beginners welcome.  Class is a recommended prerequisite for the 
Intermediate 15th C. Italian class.

3xx - Intermediate 15th Cy Italian Dance (Judith de Northumbria & Edvard 
Gayer) -- So you know the basics, you like flirting and showing off, but you 
want a new way to do it.  This is the class for you. Dances to include: 
Rosti Boli Gioioso, Anello, Leoncello, Colonesse, Marchesana, and Lauro.

4xx - The Old Measures - Dances from the Inns of Court (Elize de Nizza) -- 
Learn some dances from London's Inns of Court, from the simple Quadran Pavan 
to the cuddly Madam Sosilia Alman.  Other dances include the Old Alman and 
the Black Alman, time permitting.  Class will begin with a brief description 
of the place of these dances in Elizabethan society.  Beginners welcome.

5xx - Introduction to Galliards (Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya) -- 
Galliard, gagliarda, cinque-pace, call it what you will, either way this 
step is the perfect show-off piece.  This class will teach the basic 5-step 
galliard as well as period variations to spice up your galliarding 
technique.  Beginners Welcome.

6xx - Underperformed English Country Dances (Rowen ferch Rhys) -- There are 
over 100 dances in Playford's first edition, yet we tend to only dance the 
same 20-30 over and over again!  In this class, we'll explore some of the 
underperformed dances from Playford's tome.  Time permitting, dances may 
include Old Mole, Night Peece, Shepheards Holyday, Lulle Me Beyond Thee and 
Nonesuch.  Previous ECD experience recommended.

Instructors (alphabetically by mundane name):

Edvard Gayer [Ken Buzzard]
scavard at // home:301-737-0437

Etain ingen Thadgain [Jessica Kravetz]
scaetain at // home:410-997-0991 // cell:443-745-1060

Gregory Blount [Greg Lindahl]
lindahl at // cell:703-919-5036

Judith de Northumbria [Rachael Lorenz]
judithsca at // home:443-553-1677

Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya [Miriam Robinson Gould]
madame_sosostris at

Elize de Nizza [Lisa Shuskey]
elizedenizza at // phone:?? (but she's also the autocrat)

Rowen ferch Rhys [Amy Smyth-Wilson]
rowenrhys at

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