academie: Octoberversity Update

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Jul 5 08:51:34 PDT 2001


Here's an update for the courses we're offering at Octoberversity:

Gregory - How to Teach Dance

Etain - Beginning 15th Cy Italian
Judith - Medieval Peasant Dances
Judith + Vard - Intermediate 15th Cy Italian
Rowen - Underperformed ECD
Elize - Old Measures
Tahira - Galliards

Since I've already taught enough stuff in the past, and since Rowen actually 
went to KWDS, I'll let her teach the Underperformed ECD class and I'll 
co-teach the Intermediate Italian class with Judith.

I have course descriptions for everything *except* the Underperformed ECD 
class.  Rowen, I need something from you right away.  As a fall-back, can 
someone leaf through their KWDS proceedings and send me a paragraph or two.  
I can certainly come up with something on my own, but I haven't a clue what 
dances she's planning to offer.

We've got 7 classes, and there are only 6 hours to teach them in, so two of 
them will be doubled-up.  Nominally, I would like to keep Greg's lecture 
class free from conflict, so that everyone from the Academie could attend.  
The down side to this is that we would need to have two dance classes at the 
same time at some point, necessitating that we clean out another room.  
There is a benefit to having one room all day long for dancing -- only need 
to tear down and set up once, and we don't interfere with other lecture 
classes in that room.

If we were to allow a conflict with Greg's class, we could have that class 
in a normal classroom, while simultaneously preserving our practicum classes 
all in the same, dedicated room.  Obviously, if we were to pursue this 
option, we would need to schedule our classes so that the least impact on 
Greg's class would be realized.

My initial schedule proposal is as follows:

1st Hour: Medieval Peasant Dances (Judith)
1st Hour: How to Teach Dance (Gregory)
2nd Hour: Beginning Italian (Etain)
3rd Hour: Intermediate Italian (Judith & Vard)
4th Hour: Old Measures (Elize)
5th Hour: Galliards (Tahira)
6th Hour: Underperformed ECD (Rowen)

This keeps the 3 Italianesque classes in the proper sequence, gives Elize 
4th hour (she's the Autocrat and has requested that hour), and avoids 
putting the Galliard class at the very end, when people will already be the 
most tired.  It puts Greg's class in conflict with Judith's MPD class, but 
since she's his Apprentice, I figure he's already teaching her on his own 
time.  Of all of the instructors teaching at Octoberversity, I'm betting 
that Judith would benefit the least from the formal lecture.  I could be 
wrong, in which case slipping Greg's lecture to 2nd hour makes the most 
sense to me.

Here's the current to do list:
- Rowen: Some hint as to what your class will be about.
- Greg:  Specific feedback regarding the proposed schedule and whether you 
agree with me re: scheduling your lecture against a practicum.
- All:   General feedback regarding the proposed schedule as you see fit.
- Vard:  Compile course descriptions, and provide those, instructor 
registration, and class sequencing info to the University Chancellor once 
the Academie is in agreement.
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