academie: University deadline

marion wright marionred at
Mon Jul 2 06:44:35 PDT 2001

I think i put this out to vard only earlier today.. since I am chatchign up 
on over a week of email.. gah

I will be able to dobegining itlain , or a brasle class  or both.. if soem 
one wants to do the registering for everyone.

On to other things,

it looks like I may very  very big May be involoved with the autocrating of 
runs stone coliguium in  scared stone inthe next year... very very 
tentativer guys.. but I would like to see a dance track for both Mid eastern 
and courtly dances if possible so every put your thinking caps on and get 
prepared to travel to  western NC....

a problem which has surfaced inthis area is that everyone who really likes 
dance is also very bussy with other things. so are there any ideas of how to 
get motivate people but also inform them that dance practice after rapier 
practice when you run both is not going to happen.

just a few things


>From: Judithsca at
>To: academie at
>Subject: Re: academie: University deadline
>Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 12:19:25 EDT
>I would like to teach my saltarello/piva class, and maybe an intermediate
>15th c. Italian class.  If Vard cannot do it, I will coordinate with the
>chancellor (of atlantia's univeristy) to get a dance track of classes

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