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Sharon sharon at
Wed Jun 6 14:26:56 PDT 2001

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, L Shuskey wrote:

> > 	The 'armor' is in the regulations we are sworn > to
> obey
> > 
> AWWWWWWW....Do I gotta?
> > 	"You shall keep our cause to be kept, our orders,
> > rules and
> > conventions .."  The rules and conventions state
> > that we're not supposed
> > to attack anyone who isn't in rapier armor. 
> But, but...wasn't it you who was considering
> poisoning?  (Well, I do have a new poison ring, plan
> B.)

	It is permissable to poison someone who isn't in armor, just not
to ttack the person with a rapier. The rules and conventions of rapier
combat are not the same as the rules abnd conventions of poisoners.

 > > 
> skewer him in particular.  No, I'm thinking in the
> broader sense.  Hey, my (Scottish) clan motto is
> "nunquam non paratus" - never unprepared.  Just tryin'
> to live up to the precedent.

	Let me know how many dead bodies you have left behind.

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