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Tue Jun 5 21:05:49 PDT 2001

--- Lightning <rlightning at> wrote:
> I'm sure that if enough of us got together we could
> make a case for wit and
> charm being considered weapons which might be
> applicable in this case. As
> for armor...hmm... I'll have to think on that one.
> But alas you fair maidens
> shall have to be my champions as I'm not allowed to
> handle sharp objects
> which might be used as weapons...especially long
> ones. I also suppose the
> mercy clause could be called upon. Does that mean
> you beat the opponent
> senseless instead of killing him?
Well, if the enemy if a fencer, we're supposed to be
nice to them and allow them to yield.  If they don't,
then it is, alas, potentially a continued threat
warrenting self-defense.

Now as to wit and charm being weapons, perhaps on the
dance floor (seems like we just had this between
Constanza and Gunther on the rapier list), but it
doesn't seem to have quite the same effect with a
three-foot knife pointed straight at your heart.  (And
I *volunteer* for this???)

> And Gregory replied:
> > But you're a woman and I'm a man, so everyone
> knows you always have
> > the advantage of me.
> >
> >And I'm a true subject of Atlantia.
> >
> > Thus, you must be merciful to me at all times. Q.
> E. D.
Since I oopsed and just hit reply, my comment here

Sometimes mercy is defined as putting someone or
something out of its misery.  Is mercy what you truly
desire here?

Rebecca added:
> Well, if we define merciful as I proposed above ;-)
I guess that's not too far off...


"Laughter is the sun that drives winter 

from the human face." - Victor Hugo

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