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Sharon sharon at
Tue Jun 5 15:40:58 PDT 2001

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, L Shuskey wrote:

> Do I need to bring *my* rapier stuff too??  I am
> taking the rapier/dance class, so I suppose I'd have
> an excuse...  (Thanks for the idea!)

	No, but if they give out handouts you *have* to bring a copy back
for me :)

> Constanza, I'm guessing that rapier oath doesn't apply
> here, right?  I mean, they are Atlantians, but they
> aren't in the Academie d'Espee, so it doesn't count,
> right?
	The oath says (for the benefit of the non-fencers who may be
reading this) .  " You shall always be merciful, and whereas it may happen
that you have the upper hand of your enemy, that is to say, under your
feet, or without weapon, or some other advantage, you shall not kill him,
if he be a true subject of Atlantia, ..."

	That means you may use your weapons against folks from the East
Kingdom mercilessly. You may kill a flirtatious dancer only if you believe
he has the upper hand and if you consider his wit and charm to be
'weapons' ;)
	(of course we're ignoring the official rules here which say he
has to be in armor)


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