academie: Juniversity Post-Revel

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Jun 5 10:07:09 PDT 2001

Since the whole Academie couldn't attend Juniversity this weekend past, and 
since several who did attend had enough energy left to attend the post-revel 
that Bordervale Keep so graciously arranged for us, *AND* since Her Majesty 
just posted an atta-boy to the Merry Rose which included a mention of 
dancing at said post-revel, I thought it appropriate to cross-post Her note 

And following that, I'll probably need to explain a little.  :)

Scriptsit HRM Mary-Grace:
>Anyone who did not attend the revel missed a very fun time! I wish I could 
>have stayed longer. Thanks Vard for getting out your music and organizing 
>the dancing...and even letting me teach one!!!! The sharking done during 
>Hole in the Wall is some of the most artful I have seen! Thank you to the 
>gentleman that partnered with me on the double shark! Anyone who knows 
>about "sharking" knows that bumping an entire couple out is quite a coup!! 
>It was such a GREAT time! I was so happy to get to spend time with all the 
>good folks of Border Vale Keep and all those who traveled there. Thanks 
>again to you all! It is a memory that will stay with me always!!!

Yes, we danced at the post-revel.  Yes, we danced a few OOP dances.  :)

Her Maj showed up expecting to dance.  In fact, upon Her arrival She made a 
bee-line directly for me, kidding me about not already having the dancing up 
and running.  When She asked me again 10 minutes later whether we were going 
to be dancing soon, I took the hint <grin> and set the wheels in motion.

>From past experience, I knew that Her Maj was particularly fond of a few OOP 
dances (Hole in the Wall, Gay Gordon, Angus Reel, and Korobushka), but I was 
also confident that She was familiar with several Period SCA standards (like 
Bransle L'Officiale and the like).  Since this was a post-revel, I didn't 
give a hoot what we danced.  Heck, if someone had requested a Lindy Hop, I 
would've obliged.  :)

Her Maj had come to the post-revel specifically to dance, and I felt it 
perfectly appropriate to arrange dancing that She could participate in.  So, 
I taught Hole in the Wall, while making it clear (in a friendly way) that 
Hole was OOP, citing the year (1697, I think) and the edition of Playford it 
first appeared in (7th, I think).

We danced it for 20 minutes or so, and everybody had fun, which was the 
point of the exercize.  Her Maj then asked about Angus Reel, a dance I 
wasn't familiar with and which I didn't have any music for.  So, I asked her 
if She would be willing to teach it, which she was happy to do.  We danced 
it to the tune for Strip the Willow (fittingly enough).  :)

The rest of the evening, we danced primarily period stuff, including Petit 
Vriens, Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease, Bransle L'Official, etc.  I recall only 
on other OOP dance, Sellenger's Round.  When each dance was called, I made 
an effort to let folks know the origin of the dance (Arbeau, Playford, etc) 
and the year it was first documented.  If anyone was paying attention, they 
might have learned something.  :)

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