academie: KWDS

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Jun 4 09:22:44 PDT 2001


It appears that I will *not* be attending KWDS.+  Too many things needed to 
be done by me by now (transportation arrangements, lodging arrangements, 
vacation time request, getting plenty of sleep, etc.) and none of them have 
yet happened.

The ball is tonight, and my fairy-godmother hasn't even bothered to get me a 
pumpkin and some white mice yet.  To assume that I'll be able to get things 
squared away *and* get to Boston for KWDS is probably wishful thinking.  
Better to cut my losses, and plan for KWDS '05.

Catalana: Please network with the Academie so you'll have people to play 
with when you go.  Greg has a girlfriend now, so I don't worry about him 
hitting on you.  Besides, he only hits on women I'm interested in, and he 
may have forgotten by now that you came in on *my* arm.  :)

Judith: Thanks for the heads-up regarding the possibility of dorm space.  
You may want to send that Academie-wide, since I can't take advantage of it.

Everybody else:  Have fun, and try to snag an extra copy of the proceedings 
for me.  I'll put them with my copy of the proceedings from the Dance 
Symposium.  (evil grin).  I am expecting a trip report from all of you to 
put in the next issue of the newsletter.


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