academie: Twentieth Year Band

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed May 30 09:25:22 PDT 2001

My Lords and Ladies:

Please pardon the interruption, but I wish to sing the praises of a few 
deserving individuals.

I would like to extend both my heartfelt thanks and my personal gratitude to 
those Gentles who performed in the band at this past Sunday's Twentieth Year 
Ball.  I appreciate the hard work they put in and the sacrifices that they 
made so that Fair Lady Atlantia could dance to the wonderful sounds of their 

The circumstances under which they were asked to perform were not optimal -- 
the space was cramped, the room was overly warm and humid, and the musicians 
were frequently asked to wait while the dancers readied themselves -- but 
they perservered with grace, dignity and professionalism.  In particular, 
they extended a great deal of patience to me where others might not have.

The Twentieth Year Band was coordinated by Lady Azzah al-Shirazi, and was 
comprised of:

Lord Alain ap Daffyd (bodhran)
Mistress Allasondrea de Fano (recorder, crumhorn, drum)
Lady Azzah al-Shirazi (dulcimer, recorder)
Lady Brigantia (harp)
Lady Celia of Rosedale (recorder)
Lady Constanza de Tallavera (cello)
Lord James of Middle Aston (recorder)
Lady Mairghread (recorder)
Sir Otto (rackett, recorder)
Master Samuel Piper (viola da gamba, recorder, crumhorn)

Lady Azzah had worked very closely with the Dance Academie to ensure that 
the music faithfully reflected what the dancers were expecting to hear and 
dance to, and went so far as to invite me to attend the band's practice to 
afford the opportunity to catch any disconnects prior to the ball.  Her work 
during the months and hours leading up to the ball was nothing less than 
outstanding, and the ball could not have been a success without her.

The musical arrangements were all created and provided by Master Samuel.  
Master Samuel also played several hours by himself during Friday night's 
welcome dance, and stepped-in for Lady Azzah as needed to help coordinate 
the band's efforts during the weekend.  I cannot overstate how valuable his 
assistance this weekend was.

On behalf of those who danced, those who taught others to dance, and those 
who merely sat back and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Twentieth Year 
Ball.... these Gentles have my, and our, deepest thanks.

:: rising ::    :: applauding ::

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer
Secretary, L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse
Dance Coordinator, Atlantian Twentieth Year Celebration
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