academie: Next up, University

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue May 29 10:26:47 PDT 2001

With the garb still damp from Twentieth Year (and with me still owing a 
handful of thank-you's to several deserving folks), it's time to turn our 
attention towards this weekend's University.

We are offering 7 classes this time 'round.  There are 5 practicum classes 
(Italian, English, Middle Eastern, French, and Peasant) plus two lectures 
(Sources, Middle Eastern).  All of our instructors are confirmed, except for 
Judith, who cannot attend.  It is my understanding that Judith's "Medieval 
Peasant Dances" class is being covered by Marion.

Marion, can you confirm this, and what info/materials might you need that 
you don't already have?  I will need to contact that University Chancellor 
to let him know about the change in instructors.

Directions to the site are available at

The host group (Bordervale Keep) is hoping to have a post-University dance 
revel at the Shoney's Inn -- provided that the minimum number of rooms (20) 
have been reserved there by University goers.  If you're going and have not 
yet made arrangements for crash space, please stay at the Shoney's Inn.  The 
SCA rate is very reasonable ($35 per night).

On a related topic, I would like to confirm the number of classes that each 
Academie member has taught at Universities to date.  One of the ways that 
University teachers are recognized is by receiving a Fellowship for teaching 
at 3 sessions.  I would like to confirm that those who are due Fellowships 
actually receive them.  I will be sending a listing of the classes that I 
think everyone's taught up to, but not including, this upcomins session.  
Please take a look at it and let me know if it is incorrect.

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