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<<1) Is it even period?>>

No.  I spent an entire semester living in the heart of Flamenco country (Granada), and as such, I learned much about the history and style of the dance.  The Flamenco as done today is a very modern form actually, done to relatively modern instruments.  It has been extremely influenced/corrupted by many modern innovations of dance, music and costume(such as ballet dancing, and the romantic musical movements of music in the 19th century), as most folk dances tend to be.  The word flamenco, oddly enough, actually means "flemish" and has nothing to do with any animal or anything directly related to the Gitano culture of Spain (it was what the all-knowing spaniards of the late 18th century called the dance, being as worldly as they were by then---note the tone of irony. :)
     On the area of costume, I have seen period representations (from 16th century primary source books) of the gitanos in spain, and the clothing that he women wear would simply not lend itself to the flashy style of the modern flamenco.  The skirts were not nearly full enough (fabric being very expensive back then before the INdustrial Revolution---and gyspsies being very poor), and the sleeves of the bodices would not allow for the up-in-the-air arm movement.
<<2) If it is, where can she find music?>>

Recoreded music can be founda t border's bookstores, and other places that sell such specialty music.  Sheet music does not exist as it is a completely improvised style of both song and dance.

<<At current plan, she will be coming with me to
University, and I'd like to be able to point her to
someone who knows.>>

Well, unfortunately, other things have hampered by ability to attend univeristy, but you are welcome to give her my email address, and I would be happy to discuss the flamenco with her.

Hope this helps!


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