academie: Fwd: Order of Dance for 20yc

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu May 24 09:28:39 PDT 2001

Forwarded from Zoe:

>Scriptsit Judith: ...(besides, Zoe has told me numerous times that she
>likes the Italians).  I'll make sure Zoe gets a copy of this so she can
>prepare/dodge as need be.  So, how does Rostiboli/Leoncello/Marchesana 

Zoe's 2 cents: Yes, I love the music for the Italian dances! I opted for the 
band to take off during the dance break and I was going to play Rostiboli 
for Judith and Greg.  I alone cannot get Leoncello and Marchesana ready in 
time since everything on the dulcimer has to be memorized.  I can ask if any 
band members who can play them would like to do so. Please let me know 
quickly what y'all would like to do so I can get the info out.

[ Vard's comment: "Quickly" is the operative word here.  Since 20th year 
starts tomorrow, I suggest that the Italian presentation piece just be 
Rostiboli.  Zoe plays her heart out, while Greg and Judith put on a good 
show.  The other presentation piece (Mary-Grace's Rose) is still being 
worked.  We are lacking the full arrangement of the music, and though I have 
a lead, time is slipping away.  ]

Ma'a al Hob wa al Salam (love & peace), Zoe
Zoe Kuhn Williams is...Azza al-Shirazi in the SCA;
                  a teacher of art in Iredell County, NC;
          a hammered dulcimerist in Banyoo Bunn;
                                obsessed with origami
azzazazo at

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