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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu May 24 09:22:56 PDT 2001

Y'know, every time I get one of these, the address list is a couple of names 
longer.  I've trimmed this down a little, since my reply contains 
discussion, and since the number of decision makers should be limited to 
Allasondrea, Tehair, and (um) me.  :)

Topic the First: Teaching dance at the Pages' class, 1 hour, 10-11am Sunday. 
  Can we do this?  Sure thing!  We will have lots of members and instructors 
on site, including those with hands-on experience teaching school-age kids 
how to dance period stuff.  Besides, we like kids... no better way to ensure 
that the next generation of SCAdians dance the "right stuff" than to get 
them brainwashed (uh, I mean, "taught") early.  :)

Topic the Second: Teaching dance to "smalls", Sunday, 3 hours, 1-4 pm.  Can 
we do this?  Uhhh....  I'm not sure if the attention span of your average 
4-9 year old would be able to put up with being taught dancing for 3 hours.  
Heck, I know several adults whose eyes start to glaze over after just a few 
minutes!  Could we set aside a smaller portion of time... perhaps 30 to 45 
minutes?  I do not know if we need to identify a specific start/end time, 
but if it would help with your planning, we can do that.

Schedule-wise, the Academie has scheduled classes from 1-4 on Saturday to 
get folks ready for the Ball.  Although not on the schedule, we will also be 
having classes intermittently throughout the day on Sunday in the "Dance 
Shack" (building "X" on the site map).  Since the pageant is scheduled for 
2-4 on Sunday, we will probably want to teach the "smalls" during the 1-2 
block... that will free-up our instructor(s) in case he/she/they are needed 
to "prompt" the bigger kids during the pageant.

Also, according to the schedule, there's nothing else important scheduled 
for Sunday.  War Practice (1:30-4:30) tends to only involve fighters... most 
of the rest of the folks will be looking for something more interesting to 
do, so we can probably count on a large turnout for the pageant and for 
dance practice that afternoon.  :)


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Hi Vard!

Can you get the Academie to teach the Pages class from 10-11 a.m. on Sunday. 
  This would be for kids ages 10-17.

As for dancing games for the younger set (ages 4-9) if people from the 
Academie can only do one day, can they come on Sunday from 1-4 (the idea 
would be dancing games like ring a round the rosie, the farmer in the dell, 
the muffin man, london bridges, as well as simple "adult" dances mentioned 
by Mistress Allesondrea.  If you are willing to commit to more we could use 
someone on Saturday as well.  Kifds activities run from 1-4.  If only an 
hour can happen either of those days, just have them show up and when they 
do we will let them run some dances.

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