academie: Order of Dance for 20yc

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed May 23 09:07:46 PDT 2001

Scriptsit Judith:
>Since Zoe is the head musician, though, I have the utmost confidence that 
>she can pull off a suite of the dances so that Greg can be my partner (and 
>not have to play the music himself) (besides, Zoe has told me numerous 
>times that she likes the Italians).

I'll make sure Zoe gets a copy of this so she can prepare/dodge as need be.  

>       So, how does Rostiboli/Leoncello/Marchesana sound?  How long does 
>the suite need to be?

Since dancing is more of a "doing" art than a "watching" art, I would think 
that perhaps 5 minutes would be the maximum.  Can the suite be bits of each 
of these dances, cutting down on some of the repeats?

>Or do I have volunteers to do Mercantia also (I need three men)?

I know it, and I know others know it as well.  Why don't we annoint this as 
"Plan B" and decide what we're doing when we all get together 
Friday/Saturday?  Considering the size of the hall we'll be dancing in, 
having others shark in/out is easily doable and might be fun to watch.  :)

Three men, eh?  :)

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