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Wed May 23 08:25:29 PDT 2001

> Flamenco music.  Two questions:
> 1) Is it even period?

I researched this recently because it's something I'd like to learn.

Whether it's period or not is highly debateable. While there is a long
history of folk dance in Spain, Flamenco didn't surface in its currently
recognizable format until the 19th century.

Here's some reference web sites: (has some comments about gypsy
history & flamenco) (comments about 14th century

I'm not sure the history of Spanish dance is well documented in the SCA--at
least in Atlantia. Most of what I've seen (limited to Atlantia) has been
limited to ECD and Italian. It would probably be a worthwhile research area
for somebody who has the time. I might work on it more this summer if I get
the chance.

> 2) If it is, where can she find music?

You can find modern Flamenco in most record stores.

Also check out this site: It is part of

There is a network in the Atlantian area that teaches Flamenco. If I
remember where I left the reference, I will post it.

Best wishes,

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