academie: Order of Dance for 20yc

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Tue May 22 17:10:08 PDT 2001

<<I appoint Judith to think up a plan. (A plan other than "Greg writes
music for Malgratiosa...")>>

yeah, it's been what, two years? :)  Well, we can certainly do a suite of interesting ittalian dances.  Alas, my partner and boyfriend will be slaving away in the salt mines this weekend, so I will not have him (who already knows all of the good two person dances) to perform with.  Since Zoe is the head musician, though, I have the utmost confidence that she can pull off a suite of the dances so that Greg can be my partner (and not have to play the music himself) (besides, Zoe has told me numerous times that she likes the Italians).
      So, how does Rostiboli/Leoncello/Marchesana sound?  How long does the suite need to be?  Or do I have volunteers to do Mercantia also (I need three men)?


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