academie: Order of Dance for 20yc

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue May 22 07:03:36 PDT 2001

>> > 1 - Ballo del Fiore (TRMs have done this, even if they 
>> > don't remember the  steps.
>> HisRH has been instructed a couple of times for it, he just _claims_
>> he diesn't remember ;-)

I believe his exact words (while speaking to a member of his court practicing
right before the dance at Coronation) were, "Yeah, this first dance sucks."  So
I'd wager the enthusiasm level for this PARTICULAR dance isn't real high,
although he dutifully executed it. :)

I noted that at Coronation, there seemed to be a problem with the pacing of the
music for Ballo del Fiori.  It was at almost precisely half the speed I and
several others were used to, so a lot of people were still "sticking to the
beat" but doubling up and taking only half as much music to do the steps, and
hence getting way off from where those who were actually sticking to the music
properly.  I think you do need to make sure the music is peppy, and a little
healthy calling never hurts to make sure everyone's at the same place at the
same time.


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