academie: Order of Dance for 20yc

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue May 22 06:52:53 PDT 2001

>> There will be a token similar to what was used at the 
>> Symposium to signify who the "dance picker" will be.
>> (Brian, could I prevail upon you to bring 
>> that nifty medallion? <g>)

I will see that it gets there.  Barring something totally unforeseen happening,
I will not be able to be there, but rest assured that numerous highly-trained
SIDA's (Secret Isenfiri Dance Agents) will be present, and one will be bearing
the medallion.  After the proper code words are exchanged, it will be turned

>> For the second presentation piece, I'd like an encore of 
>> M-G's Rose

I think that's a fine idea. ;)

>> that is, if there are folks who know it or can learn it, and if 
>> we have music for the musicians.

As I said, there will be Isenfiri present, many of whom were part of the
original presentation group.  Christine (Cairistiona) will be there and can
teach it to whoever you want to present it.  I have no doubt you can muster from
amongst the Academie members present a set of four couples who can do it.  It's
not a hard dance, but you do need to go through it a couple of times to get it
right.  And Christine can direct you on the little details we embellished to
sharpen it up as a presentation piece.

As to the music, I can provide the melody line in whatever key you want it, and
Ponte Alto's Harp & Drum Corp has a complete arrangement (the one they played at
Coronation).  I also have a less-than-ideal MIDI version of it, if you want it
on a CD to practice to.

>> If that's too hard to pull off ...

You can do it.  I have faith in you. ;)

May I also request that, if opportunity permits, you teach it at some point
during the weekend at a dance practice?  I told HRM that I'd try to get the
dance into wider use, and I'm slowly trickling it out there, but this would be a
great opportunity to educate a larger portion of the masses.  I wish I could be
there to do it, but alas, I cannot. :(

And Vard, I still think you should at least BRING the "Leave It To Beaver" theme
song. ;)


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