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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon May 21 14:17:07 PDT 2001

The order of dance for the 20YC Ball will be a hybrid... half scripted, and 
half Caroso-style.  What I want to do is to allow the dancers the liberty of 
selecting the next dance (a la Caroso), while avoiding the type of log jam 
that occured in Isenfir at the Symposium -- people passing the baton only to 
their friends, us getting stuck in only one style of dance (in that case, 
ECD), etc.

What I'd like to do is to script the first few dances (giving the musicians 
the first 2-3 dances we'll do so they can focus on that).  Following that, 
dancers can choose any dance they'd like from the list, provided that we do 
two in a row of a particular style (ECD, Italian, Bransle/IoC) and then move 
on to the next.

The dances on the list are:
- ECD (11): Boatman, Chestnut, Gathering Peascods, Grimstock, Heart's Ease, 
Jenny Pluck Pears, Old Mole, Parson's Farewell, Rufty Tufty, Sellenger's 
Round, Whirligig
- Italian (10): Amoroso, Anello, Gelosia, Petit Vriens, Rostiboli Gioiosio, 
Lauro, Ballo del Fiore, Il Canario, Lo Spagnoletto, The Pinwheel
- Bransles (7): Bransle L'Official (Official's Bransle), Mixed Bransle Suite 
(Cassandra / Pinagay / Charlotte), Mimed Bransle Suite (Washerwoman's / 
Pease / Horse's)
- IoC (3): Black Almain, Earl of Salisbury Pavanne, Madam Sosilia Almain three games/competitions (Galliard-till-you-Drop, Jenny Pluck 
Partners, Tassel Kick)

The general idea is to dance for about 30-45 minutes, play one of the games, 
then take a break.  (The first game will be Jenny Pluck Partners.  After 
that, we'll play it by ear.)  We'll repeat this as long as we have musicians 
and dancers, and will entertain dances that are "off the list" after all of 
the dances of that particular type have been exhausted.

For the first three dances, I would like to do the following:
1 - Ballo del Fiore (TRMs have done this, even if they don't remember the 
steps.  I know HerRH knows this, and I'm hoping Etain will teach HisRH.)  
This will *not* be the version where just one couple start the dance... 
we'll ask the Royals if they'll start, provide Them with a bunch of ringers 
(us), and go from there.
2 - Bransle L'Official (a nice, get-everyone-dancing Bransle)
3 - Sellenger's Round (a nice, get-everyone-dancing ECD)

(Zoe, don't run with this quite yet... I'm bouncing this off of the Academie 
for feedback, I might be missing something obvious.)

There will be a token similar to what was used at the Symposium to signify 
who the "dance picker" will be.  (Brian, could I prevail upon you to bring 
that nifty medallion? <g>)  I am hoping to have a couple of easels set up 
with the list of dances so the dancers will know what's already been done, 
and to offer suggestions for each "next" dance.

Also, and importantly, the Academie is on the hook to do two presentation 
pieces. (Thought I'd forgot about that, didn't you? <g>)  For the first, I'm 
thinking about an Italian mini-suite... combining 2 or 3 of the more 
passionate story-dances.  Judith and Greg, I'm leaning on you for ideas 
here.  If time does not permit us throwing something like that together, 
then we could do something as silly as an embellished Mercantia (3M-1W) with 
the men sneaking other women in and out.

(Zoe, you're taking notes, yes? <g>)

For the second presentation piece, I'd like an encore of M-G's Rose (that 
is, if there are folks who know it or can learn it, and if we have music for 
the musicians.)  If that's too hard to pull off, then I'm open to 
suggestions from the peanut gallery.  The presentation piece should be 
either something a little bit beyond the ken of the average dancer, or 
something new, but above all it should be something fun to watch.

Since the presentations would be done during the breaks, we should give the 
band the option of taking a break as well.  Accordingly, unless the band 
particularly *wants* to skip taking a break, I'm perfectly willing to use a 
bard-in-a-box for the presentation pieces.

Sorry for the short notice on much of this.  Thanks for your attention.

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