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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sun May 20 17:05:38 PDT 2001

I'm including a message to me from Mistress Allasondrea regarding kids' 
dancing at 20YC next weekend.  To summarize, here's what she'd like:

1 - An hour of instruction Sunday (starting at either 10 or 11am) for their 
10-16 year olds, for them to subsequently dance in the 20YC Pageant.

2 - An hour of instruction either Saturday or Sunday for the 5-9 year olds.  
(The children's activities are from 1-4 each day).

This is certainly doable, but I'd like to check to make certain that there 
will be a couple of us available for these.  Can I see a hand or two?  
Please?  :)


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We're coming down to the wire and I'm afraid I'm behind the power
curve.  Sorry for not getting back with you earlier on this stuff, but
we only finalized the activities yesterday. I actually need two sets of
dance classes on Sunday.

1.  We'd like one dance class for the Pages Academy (10-16 year olds) on
Sunday morning, either 10-11 or 11-12.  We're hoping you can teach these
older kids some of the dances that will be done at the Ball that night.

2.  For the actual children's activities, our intent is to run a
mini-children's fete with stations set up and running the whole 3 hours
both Saturday and Sunday.  However, since the ball is Sunday, we can
limit the dance stuff to just Sunday.  If we can get someone to do an
hour or so of dance type things for the younger set (5-9 year olds),
that would be fantastic.  I was thinking tangle bransle, maltese, and
even ring around the rosy, etc.  The weather is promising to be fairly
good, so this will be done outside the children's activity building.
I'll bring an outdoor power cord if someone needs it for their boombox.
The building is diagonally across from the bath house/pool.

Please let me know if the Academie can support both of these
activities.  I'm hoping you will say yes.

Also, Tehair will be sending you some specifics on the children's
activities to add to the 20 year web site. I wish we had done this
earlier, but life happens.  Thanks for all the great work you are doing
on the web site.  It's a very useful resource and I think people will be
checking it fairly often all this week.


Edvard Gayer wrote:
 > You wrote:
 > >Actually, that's a great idea.
 > Shhhh!  Don't say that too loud, I'm not allowed to have those.  ;)
 > >However, an hour during Sunday afternoon might be good, plus that
 > >allows the kids to learn a dance or two that will be done at the ball 
 > >evening
 > Cool.  I bounced the idea off of the Academie this morning and got 
 > enthusiastic replies.
 > >Let me know who to talk to when it comes down to finalizing the 
 > That would probably be me.  I'll coordinate it with the Academie and get
 > specific volunteers once we know when to plan for this.  Unless I get
 > drafted to do some field heraldry for the Novice Tourney sunday, I expect
 > I'll be one of the volunteers.
 > -Vard
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