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Wed May 16 14:23:06 PDT 2001

Here's the list of courses the Academie is offering at Juniversity... also, 
please scroll down to the bottomw because we've already had one instructor 
have a case of life happen to her.  She will be unable to attend, so we need 
to try to cover her class.

1st Hour:
109 - Period Dancing and Dance Sources (Edvard Gayer) Students will learn 
how to distinguish period from non-period dance, and will be introduced to 
the actual period sources which are commonly used within the SCA to document 
dance. Students will also join members of the Atlantian Dance Academie in a 
discussion of the pros/cons of out-of-period dance within Atlantia and the 

2nd Hour:
209 - Medieval Peasant Dances (Judith de Northumbria) This class is geared 
towards those who just like to dance. No choreographies to remember. No 
rules (except that Thou Shalt Not Hurt Others). Just lots of fun. Come and 
try something new!

Lunch/Convocation/Court break

3rd Hour:
309 - Introduction to Middle-Eastern Dance (Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi)  
This course is a beginner's class, exploring the foundation movements of 
Middle-eastern dance.

310 - 15th Century Italian Dance (Marion le Red) Students will be introduced 
to several simple steps unique to 15th Century Italian dance, and will learn 
dances such s "Gelosia", "Anello" and that crowd-favorite "Petit Vriens". 
Beginners welcome.

4th Hour:
409 - History of Middle-Eastern Dance 101 (Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi) 
This course is a lecture course exploring what is known--and what is 
not--about Middle-eastern dance. Is veil period? How does 'raqs sharqi' 
become translated as bellydance? Learn answers to these questions and many 

5th Hour:
509 - Bransling Tactics/Miming Bransles (Constanza de Tallavera) Bransles 
are the simplest of the known renaissance dances. Miming bransles are easy 
to learn, and introduce the more common bransle steps with a bit of 
interplay between the partners using steps unique to each dance, which makes 
foances. Beginners welcome.

6th Hour:
609 - Beginning English Country Dancing (Victoria Pringle) Students will 
learn the basic figures of English Country Dance, and will learn how to 
combine them into commonly done dances such as Rufty-Tufty, Gathering 
Peascods, and others. No experience necessary.


Judith will be unable to attend University, so her 2nd hour class on 
Medieval Peasant Dances is in jeopardy.  I did not get the opportunity to 
take her class at the Symposium, so I do not know whether this is something 
that someone else can just step in and teach in her stead or not.  If this 
class has to get cancelled, is there anyone else attending Juniversity who 
might want to teach something during 2nd hour?

BTW - Moving classes around between hours is probably not going to be an 
option, since students have already begun registering for classes based on 
the schedule that was published in the previous =Acorn=.  We probably cannot 
fill the 2nd hour void by moving one of the two 3rd hour classes up an hour. 
  So, if you're going and would like to take a crack at teaching, we can 
certainly use you now!  :)

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