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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed May 16 07:08:02 PDT 2001

20th Year:

Camping is now officially sold out.  There are approx 85 seats remaining for 
Feast, and approx 200 daytrip spots still available.  Pre-registrations must 
be postmarked by this Friday.  After that, it'll be first-come / 
first-served at the gates next weekend.  For more info, visit

I will be updating the dance schedule shortly... either tonight or tomorrow. 
  Things are largely unchanged... there will be a welcome dance on Friday 
night and a ball on Sunday, we will have dance practices scattered 
throughout the weekend, the Academie will be working with the kiddies to 
teach them a few dances they can perform for the 20th Year Pageant, and we 
may have some pick-up dancing on Saturday during feast (depending on how 
many of us are and are not on-board, and whether we can find a decent place 
to play.)  If pick-up dancing during feast is a no-go, all are invited to 
zip up to Chez Vard for a potluck/cookout.


I do not have my =Acorn= handy, so I can't rattle-off the list of classes 
we're teaching.  We are offering a grand total of 7 classes, including one 
of each of the major "flavors" of dance, plus two M-E classes.

I realize that plans sometimes change, and things _do_ come up, so it would 
probably be prudent to ask all of our instructors to verify that they will 
still be able to attend and teach.  If there are any cancellations (hey, it 
happens), those who _are_ able to make it might be able to fill in the gaps.

I will be there, so my class on period sources is a "go".

It would also be smart for those trekking from the northern extrema of 
Atlantia to start pairing-up to arrange to carpool.  No sense in having a 
dozen people bring a dozen cars down the same stretch of highway, eh?  Also, 
for those who haven't made crash space arrangemtns (like me), we probably 
should do that right away too.

See ya!
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