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Shuskey Lisa elizedenizza at
Mon May 14 06:58:42 PDT 2001

One of our new fighter-guys, after the movie, asked me
which dance that was...  Our group is full of
authenticity-oriented folks, and I heard a lot more
sighs than laughs.  Our consensus - as long as you
were looking at it as a fairy tale, not a historical
movie, it was kinda cute.  But then you figured that
out pretty quickly.

The blacksmith looked familiar, but I've never heard
of "Neverwhere" - has she been in anything else?

> I saw "A Knight's Tale" Saturday afternoon - beat
> you to it, Vard. ;)
> (or maybe it should have been "Chaucer's Tail"?)  A
> really fun movie.
> You know, if you can get the musicians to play
> Bowie...
> -John
> PS  Ah, the blacksmith - I don't know if she looked
> to have the muscles for
> a blacksmith, but who cares.   What was
> "Neverwhere"?  Haven't heard of that
> movie.
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> Subject: Re: academie: NoVa dance practice
> > I saw "A Knight's Tale" Saturday night... can we
> learn some of the dances
> > they did in the movie?  I'm particularly fond of
> that 14th Century French
> > dance they did to Davie Bowie.  < tongue in cheek
> >
> >
> > -Vard
> >
> > PS - If you've seen the movie and recognized the
> blacksmith, but couldn't
> > quite figure out where you've seen her before... 
> she played "Door" in
> > Neverwhere.  :)

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter 

from the human face." - Victor Hugo

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