academie: 20YC Feast Alternative - Show of Hands?

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sun May 6 14:05:21 PDT 2001

For those who will not be taking Feast at 20th Year, I am coordinating 
dinner at Chez Vard (a scant 15 minutes north of the event site).  If there 
is sufficient interest, we'll do a potluck where everybody can bring a dish 
to share.  Feast is scheduled for 2 1/2 hours, so even if the cooks keep to 
their schedule we'll have PLENTY of time!  :)

So the first step is to see if there's interest, and then if there is we'll 
figure out who brings what.  Anyone want to do this?


(PS - Pre-made goodies can be stashed at Chez Vard in the fridge or freezer 
on Friday or Saturday, and if you'd like to make stuff real-time, I've got a 
big kitchen and lots of grocers within 5 minutes.)

(PPS - With the airshow happening Saturday and Sunday, going out to any of 
the local restaurants will be iffy.)
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