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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Apr 30 05:41:42 PDT 2001

This is from the Autocrat.  With the number of activities going on and a 
very limited amount of interior space that hasn't been permanently claimed 
by such things as the history display or feast prep, it has been difficult 
to figure out where inside dance classes can happen.  The building we've 
been offered is the best that's available, though it is rather smallish.

Here's Anne's letter to me, does anyone have an opinion they'd wish to share 
with me before I close the loop with her?  (On the site map, it's building 
"X"), view #23.


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From: Barbara Bilodeau <acarthew at>
To: Vard <scavard at>
Subject: dancing
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 09:27:01 -0400

Vard, I've still been thinking about a place for dance classes to

I'd like to give you the "Arts and Crafts" building.  You can have as
many classes at whatever times you want there. Absolutely nothing else
is scheduled for this space all weekend. We saw the inside of it - its
not great, but it isn't awful either.  The windows can open up, and the
tables and junk inside can get shifted, and I think it will give you
some good space. It has power for the bard-box.  This is the building
that is shown in

This is what I originally planned, but then needed to find places for
the Kingdom notable competitions.  It looks like I can use some cabins
that don't have beds for those!

I'd actually been thinking about giving you some limited time in the
"dining hall" - but I think the noise levels between kitchen and dancing
eventually cause trouble.  and the kitchen would want the hall back to
do feast staging... So I think in the long run this might be a better

Does this work for you?
When you get a list of classes put together, let me know. I'm starting
to format the site booklet, and I'll want to get them included.


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