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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Apr 12 11:58:27 PDT 2001

On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 02:50:33PM -0400, Edvard Gayer wrote:

> 1 - The music that Azza has found for Il Canario is from Arden (Paul 
> Butler's Arrangement).  Is this acceptable/preferable, or is there  another 
> source we should be looking at?

If she's doing Mara's Carman's Whistle Canary, then Arden's is
probably the wrong length. Carman's Whistle is available on CD and I
have a printed version, which was distributed for the past 3 years in
the Pennsic Pile. The thing usually labeled Il Canario is from Negri.

> 2 - (Old question)  For Pinwheel, is there a suggested piece/genre the band 
> should use or start with?

Any duple bransle, which is basically everything except the Bransle Gay.

> 3 - For the Tassel Kick diversion, the music will be Galliard la Rocque. Any 
> problems with that?

No problem -- it needs a moderate tempo, though.

> 4 - For the Galliard-till-you-Drop diversion, we will start with 
> Hoboeckentanz (Susato) and move on to L'ennuy (Piper).  Again, any problems 
> with this?

Fine with me.

> 5 - For Whirligig, the repeat structure looks like this: Time signature: 
> 6/8, ABBB, A=8m (x1), B=8m (x3).  So, for the BBB part, we'll have the same 
> 8 measures repeated 9 times total.  (a) Is this correct, and (b) how many 
> times through the entire ABBB makes the dance?  I ask because I've *yet* to 
> dance to this where the music and the dance were matched-up correctly, and 
> we've got a chance to do that this time!  :)

Oh, how interesting. You'll have to show me the reconstruction you
want to use. It looks to me that it's ABBBABBBABBB for one dance, but
I'm not so sure if there are 3 B's at a time or not. Each chorus has
enough stuff to do BB, and then "Cast off all, do thus." That could
take either B or BB, depending on how you reconstruct it.

-- Gregory Blount

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