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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Apr 12 11:50:33 PDT 2001


I've got a couple of questions that relate to the sheet music Azza will be 
using for band at the 20YC ball that I thought the Academie might be able to 

1 - The music that Azza has found for Il Canario is from Arden (Paul 
Butler's Arrangement).  Is this acceptable/preferable, or is there  another 
source we should be looking at?

2 - (Old question)  For Pinwheel, is there a suggested piece/genre the band 
should use or start with?

3 - For the Tassel Kick diversion, the music will be Galliard la Rocque. Any 
problems with that?

4 - For the Galliard-till-you-Drop diversion, we will start with 
Hoboeckentanz (Susato) and move on to L'ennuy (Piper).  Again, any problems 
with this?

5 - For Whirligig, the repeat structure looks like this: Time signature: 
6/8, ABBB, A=8m (x1), B=8m (x3).  So, for the BBB part, we'll have the same 
8 measures repeated 9 times total.  (a) Is this correct, and (b) how many 
times through the entire ABBB makes the dance?  I ask because I've *yet* to 
dance to this where the music and the dance were matched-up correctly, and 
we've got a chance to do that this time!  :)


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From: Zoe Kuhn Williams <azzazazo at>
To: Edvard Gayer <scavard at>
Subject: dance music details
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 13:01:38 -0700 (PDT)


I hope you have Word so's you can read this
attachment.  If not, holler at me.

I found versions for Old Mole and Il Canario from
Arden (Paul Butler).

This lists everything I have for the dance thus far:

Song title (Editor or author, checked out by whom)
             (not checked means I haven't played it
              for dancers yet)G=Gregory Blount
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass parts
time and key signatures: sequence of music
part A (how many measures & how many repeats)
part B (etc.)
whole thing is played thru how many times
     (please advise on these as you know them.)
Intro: (I'll add later)

Please let me know about any version that is
unacceptable and why so I can fix it.

Ma'a al Hob wa al Salam (love & peace), Zoe
Zoe Kuhn Williams is...Azza al-Shirazi in the SCA;
                  a teacher of art in Iredell County, NC;
          a hammered dulcimerist in Banyoo Bunn;
                                obsessed with origami
azzazazo at

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