academie: Hoobah, Isenfir! Hoobah, Etain!

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Apr 9 12:03:34 PDT 2001

Greetings again,

Rereading my previous message (about the dance for Mary-Grace), it occurs to me
that perhaps my meaning came across poorly.  I'm afraid it sounds like I had an
ulterior motive for writing the dance (namely to dissuade her from GOOP*
dances), and in fact that is absolutely not the case!  I wanted to write a dance
for her that I hoped she would really like, and that was also period.  I don't
know how she feels about period dances in general, but if she's someone who
thinks "period = boring", I hope this will help overcome that.  I took several
elements from GOOP dances I knew she liked and incorporated their period
counterparts into the form of a period dance.  But regardless, my purpose in
doing it was to give her something special, just for her, that I really, truly
hoped she'd like to do, and to have fun myself in composing a new dance (which
is a lot of fun and very educational ... I highly recommend it).

So please forgive my hastily-composed message.  I certainly didn't mean to seem
like I was underhandedly trying to beat the GOOP out of her, :) or to condemn
anyone for liking GOOP dances.  Anyone who knows me should know that I'm one of
the least anti-GOOP people out there (I don't encourage it, but in an
organization where you can walk outside from the dancing (in the bright,
fluorescent-lit, linoleum-tiled hall) and hear people singing modern filk songs
around the camp fire, I'm also not offended by them ... I'm just not the type to
tell people what they ought or ought not to be doing :).  I simply wanted to
write something fun to dance for someone and hope she liked it.  I think she
did.  And hey, it's even period. :)


* For those who might not have heard the term before... GOOP = Grossly Out Of
Period, basically c.1700 and later, depending on who you ask.

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