academie: Hoobah, Isenfir! Hoobah, Etain!

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Apr 9 10:51:09 PDT 2001

>> The presentation piece for Coronation, Mary-Grace's Rose, 
>> was wonderful.  Hoobah, Isenfir! :) The music was great,
>> the choreography was great, and the execution was great.

Thanks, Vard.  For those unfamiliar with this, the Shire of Isenfir presented,
as a gift to HRM Mary-Grace, a new dance in her honor, choreographed by, well,
me. :)  As some of you may or may not be aware, our new Queen likes to dance,
but of her list of favorite dances, the MOST PERIOD one is Hole in the Wall, and
it gets worse from there. :)  So, I wanted to present something to her that was
period in style but that, I hoped, she would find to be just as fun as many of
her GOOP favorites.  The dance was in the English Country style (and if you
don't consider ECD "period", that's a whole other discussion) and I tried to be
certain all the elements were period in style.  Greg, Vard, and a few others
have looked it over, and so far I haven't gotten any comments to the contrary,
so hopefully I got it right. :)  As best as I can tell, HRM liked it and she
said she really wanted to learn it, so hopefully my goal was accomplished.

>> I'd single people out for compliment, but I'd be 
>> afraid to inadvertantly leave someone out.  Bryan, 
>> choreographer-dude, could you please do the honors
>> and let the Academie know who did what?  :)

Certainly.  The folks involved in this project were all Isenfiri, and most were
also Academie members (noted by (Acad) below).  Each of these people danced in
the performance, and a couple did other things, too...

Bryan Morgan (Acad) - wrote the dance
Rhuadhan mhic Dhoughaill (Acad) - wrote the tune
Rhiannedd ferch Bran ap Llywelyn - made the presentation scroll
Victoria Pringle (Acad)
Toby of Isenfir
Cairistiona nhic Doughaill (Acad)
Deborah McArgh (Acad)
Adam Holmes

In addition, someone in the Ponte Alto Harp & Drum Corp added to the tune to
make it a full arrangement, which they played for us.  Unfortunately I don't
know his name.

If you want to see (or hear, if you can stand MIDI :) the music and dance steps,
go to
and have a look-see.

Thanks to everyone who had some involvement in this presentation.  It was fun to
do, and I hope we managed to convince a GOOP junkie that at least SOME
period-style dances can be fun. :)


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